Shock for tourists – shots in Jesolo: victim hit in the back


Shock to many vacationers: A dispute between two foreigners at a bar in Italy’s popular resort town of Jesolo escalated completely on Wednesday night. shots were fired! At least one person was hit and seriously injured.

The incident happened on Wednesday evening in the Via Verdi promenade. According to the Italian news agency ANSA, one of the two men pulled out a gun and fired two shots during the fight in a club. His opponent was hit in the back.

victim seriously injured
The seriously injured man fled anyway and was not arrested until hours later. He was taken to a hospital in Mestre, where he is under guard. His condition is critical, according to media reports.

Sagittarius Underwater
The gunman also ran away after the fight. Several tourists, including Austrians, had seen the horrific incident and were chasing the suspect. The shooter managed to escape. Police are now looking for the shooter.

Source: Krone


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