Bizarre new rules – whoever tests positive can swim – with a mouth cap


From 1 August, people who have tested positive for Corona will be allowed to return to recreational facilities. However, they must wear an FFP2 mask, which can lead to bizarre situations in inns or outdoor pools. According to the regulation, those who have tested positive must also wear a mask in the pool if they cannot keep at least two meters away from other people.

This will be especially the case on days with high temperatures or at peak times such as weekends. “There is an obligation to wear a mask outside at all times if a minimum distance of two meters from other people cannot be maintained,” reads the final draft of the new Corona regulation. In the outdoor pool this means that this rule applies to the sunbathing area including buffet as well as to the swimming pool. In the future, those who test positive will also be required to wear an FFP2 mask near lakes and other bodies of water, unless they look for a spot with sufficient distance from other swimmers.

Protection decreases in water
While that’s even easier on land, there are a few pitfalls in the cool water. The protective effect of the mouth and nose protector decreases the wetter it is. Health professionals therefore recommend exchanging fresh masks, which means that swimmers should pack several at a time… In addition, a mask that has become wet in the water cannot be reused. And: jumping off the edge of the pool is probably not recommended either, because you don’t want to lose your mask.

It is possible to consume something outside without a mask, but only if there is not much to experience. In addition, Corona positives should get up and leave for a while so the waiter or waitress can serve a meal or drink. This arrangement would “in most cases make access redundant or thwart the purpose of the visit,” according to the explanation of the arrangement.

No consumption allowed
Those who test positive will face further challenges if the recreation facility has a catering area. For example, they may go bowling or go to a bar and talk, but not eat or drink anything there. According to the regulation, the FFP2 mask must be worn at all times, with no exceptions for food and drink. The obligation to wear a mask exists “in closed spaces where physical contact with other people cannot be excluded”.

In addition, the FFP2 mask obligation applies to those who have tested positive in other enclosed spaces (e.g. at work, in shops), in public transport, own transport (if contact with others cannot be ruled out) and at meetings in private places. living spaces . With the latter, outdoor life is again excluded, provided a minimum distance is maintained. If someone has tested positive for Corona, this will be recognizable in the future by the mandatory wearing of a mouth cap. As a result, it is feared that those affected will be stigmatized.

Entry bans with exceptions
However, from August 1, those who have tested positive will no longer be allowed to enter certain facilities. This includes hospitals and sanatoriums for visiting and childcare, to the extent that the person is not currently working there. There are some exceptions to these prohibitions. Parents who have tested positive for Corona may accompany their minor child to a hospital. The traffic restriction ends when a negative molecular biological test (eg PCR test) is presented. This can be done immediately after a positive, less reliable antigen test or, in the case of a confirmed positive PCR test, at the earliest after five days. Without a test, the traffic restriction will end after ten days.

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