ELA starts the legal process to increase the number of places to go to the consolidation processes


According to the trade union Abertzale, the Basque government has acted in a “unilateral” manner “opaque” and “showed its unequivocal will to maintain the current high rates of temporary employment”.

Euskaraz irakurri: ELAk pray juridikoari ekin dio egonkortze prozesuetako plazak handitzeko

ELA has initiated the legal process to increase the positions that must go through the stabilization/consolidation processes approved by the Basque government, thus ensuring that the workforce can “give up the uncertainty of transience and consolidate their employment”.

During a press conference, he explained that he had made this decision after a detailed study of the places approved by the Basque government in the various sectors such as Osakidetza, Education, General Administration and its autonomous bodies or Justice.

ELA explained that at the end of May, and after the Basque government approved the public vacancy for 2022, the union stated that the places offered were -almost 9,000- “not enough” to put an end to the temporary employment of the more than 45,000 officials of the Basque government, and therefore “they did not comply with the provisions of the Iceta law and the European mandate to reduce the temporary employment rates to 8%” .

As reported, the Basque Executive, despite the fact that “forced to negotiate” with the trade unions and stabilizing all jobs temporarily and continuously occupied for at least three years, acted “without transparency”, in a “unilateral” manner and demonstrated “its unequivocal will to reduce the current high percentage of temporary employment perpetuate”.

For this reason, last Friday the 22nd, ELA’s legal services filed in courts the controversial administrative appeal that opens the judicial avenue to achieve what, “the Basque government has systematically refused”that is, to hand over to the union the necessary documentation to know which functions meet the stabilization requirements and thus achieve a “significant” increase in the functions offered for these stabilization/consolidation processes with the aim of ending reduce uncertainty and temporary employment by 8% .

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Source: EITB


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