Doskozil makes it clear: – Positive doctors, nurses and teachers stay at home


Doskozil makes it clear: – Positive doctors, nurses and teachers stay at home

Burgenland describes the new federal corona regulation as “confused”. Sensitive areas such as hospitals or schools must be protected with a decree and their own rules.

Governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) is fiercely critical of the federal government: “Nothing has been learned from the previous mistakes.” With the arrangement that applies from Monday, employees who were infected with the corona virus could now go to work. This scheme applies to all areas, including sensitive areas such as hospitals, retirement and nursing homes or childcare facilities.

Burgenland issues its own rules
The country is now trying to counter this with a decree and its own rules – if possible within the framework of the regulation. All state officials, state teachers, employees of KRAGES hospitals and nursing homes and of state-related companies who have tested positive must stay at home. If possible, those who are asymptomatic can work from home. All municipalities and municipal associations as well as providers of social services such as retirement homes, mobile care and support are strongly advised to make a similar arrangement. At the same time, the hospital testing and mask requirement remains in effect.

Furthermore, Burgenland starts another vaccination offensive. A new campaign is planned. “We want as many people as possible to get a booster vaccination — that’s still the best protection,” the governor said. It is not without reason that the best values ​​were achieved here in the past.

Source: Krone


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