Deviated from A5 – minibus crashed: 2. kill to mourn


Sunday’s devastating accident on the A5 in Lower Austria claimed another fatality. As reported, a minibus with five occupants fell off the highway and ended up on the street below. The driver died instantly and a 69-year-old also succumbed to her injuries.

The accident happened near Wolkersdorf. At about 8.15 am, the minibus left the carriageway, fell down and eventually came to a stop on the side of a slope.

A large contingent of emergency services came to the scene of the accident, even three rescue helicopters were requested. The occupants – all from Poland – were trapped in the vehicle and had to be freed by the fire brigade.

The 64-year-old behind the wheel was pronounced dead on the spot. The driver’s 59-year-old wife, a 71-year-old passenger and two passengers, ages 66 and 69, were taken to hospital with serious injuries. According to the police, the 69-year-old succumbed to her injuries late in the evening at the Mistelbach State Hospital.

Source: Krone


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