Attacks on the rise – more and more doctors are victims of threats and violence


Touching sea of ​​light – reported (also see video above) – at Vienna’s Stephansplatz on Monday evening for Lisa-Maria Kellermayr, who was found dead in her practice on Friday. Like the Upper Austrian, other doctors face massive hate attacks. The attacks have steadily increased since the start of the corona pandemic.

At 21:00 sharp the lights went on at the Stephansplatz in Vienna. The late Upper Austrian doctor Lisa-Maria Kellermayr was commemorated by lighting the candles or mobile phone lights (photos) brought along. The 36-year-old had been exposed to massive death threats from vaccine opponents for months. Her story is not unique. More and more doctors are falling victim to threats.

“Someone threatened to cut off my head. I received a letter with a collage. That was horrible and of course has an after-effect,” reported the Viennese infectiologist Christoph Wenisch last year, whose photo of the vaccination party (photo below) went around the world. At the time, his office became a crime scene, with police and forensics on the scene. But can the perpetrator(s) be held accountable? No! The investigation was stopped by the public prosecutor in Korneuburg because “no criminal offense could be proven”.

“They threatened to kill me. There was no help”
“I didn’t dare leave the house anymore,” says another prominent doctor who wishes to remain anonymous. “I received a number of death threats and was verbally abused, but the perpetrators were never discovered. I do not feel that a great effort is being made here to help,” the doctor complains, calling for more support for those affected.

The case is tricky: it has gone so far that lawyers advise victims to take action themselves. For example, media lawyer Peter Zöchbauer says: “It seems the most efficient method for the victim to hire IT experts to find out who the perpetrators are and then go to court.” Providers and platforms like Google or Twitter, who downright destroy police investigations with the most adventurous answers.

Authorities shift responsibilities back and forth
Accordingly, the “Hate on the Net” legislative package, which came into effect in January 2021, is “unfortunately not doing what was hoped”. The authorities shuffle responsibilities back and forth, and ultimately those affected are left behind.

There is already a problem with data collection, as research by “Krone” shows: because there are no statistics in the Medical Association, in the Ministry of Health or in the judiciary about how many doctors have been treated since the start of the pandemic. Even before Corona, every tenth GP in Vienna was physically attacked. Medical Association Vice President Edgar Wutscher said, “The number of seizures has increased significantly during the pandemic. Also in their intensity.”

Source: Krone


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