Supreme Court on the Train – UK: Parents Fighting for the Life of Their Brain Dead Son


The parents of a 12-year-old from the UK who has been in a coma since April are fighting for their son’s life. The treating physicians want to end the life-prolonging measures because they believe that this is in the best interest of the patient with no chance of recovery. After several court decisions, the case is now before the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court in London confirmed on Tuesday that a corresponding request had been received from the parents. A committee of three judges will now investigate him. It was an “urgent matter,” he said. The hospital where brain-dead Archie is being held has said the devices will remain on until a final decision is made.

Mother: “I know Archie is still with us”
The 12-year-old’s mother, who is said to have suffered serious injuries at home as part of an attempt circulated via social media – the parents reportedly found him lying motionless blindfolded – told British broadcaster Sky News: “I know that Archie is still with us. Archie shows very different signs than what doctors show the courts. He’s very present, he’s making progress in many ways.”

The case is reminiscent of similar disputes over terminally ill children in Britain. The UK’s financially strained health service tends to withdraw life support much earlier than would be the case elsewhere. Moreover, less account is taken of the wishes of parents and relatives. What is in the best interest of the patient is often determined by judges on the recommendation of medical professionals.

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