Spain cancels Leopard tank shipments to Ukraine


Defense Minister Margarita Robles explained that the cars stored at the Zaragoza military base are “in an absolutely unfortunate situation”.

Spain comes back and rules out sending the Leopard tanks to Ukraine it promised last June. The reason? Because they are “in an absolutely unfortunate situation”, Defense Minister Margarita Robles stated on Tuesday during her visit to the Air Evacuation Medical Unit at Torrejón de Ardoz Air Force Base (Madrid), where she admitted that these cars, stored on the military base of Zaragoza, have been out of use for “many years”.

While the government is studying “all possibilities”, Robles has stated that “the associated examinations” have been conducted and finalized “in circumstances that cannot be used”. “We cannot give them because they pose a risk to the people,” noted the minister, who will visit the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid tomorrow to analyze all the ways Spain “can continue” to provide support to the invaded country, especially of facing next winter, which has already progressed, it will be “very difficult”.

Two months ago it was announced that the package of 40 Leopard tanks that Madrid had promised to Kiev “is not working”. As this newspaper published, the German information portal ‘Business Insider’ stated in early June that Spain could not deliver more than ten cars of this type to the Ukrainian army. And even their shipment was questionable, as the armored cars were in a state of utter desolation and would take many months to get them ready again.

Source: La Verdad


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