New debate – increase in fees brings Vienna to €60 million


The city treasury would benefit enormously from rising rates for waste, sewage and the like. Now many Viennese hope that Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) will still suspend them.

The so-called valorization has also been on the agenda in Vienna since Wednesday: As reported by the “Krone”, the city wants to increase the rates for waste, sewage, sewage and parking by 2023 – despite the huge inflation crisis. It is clear what this yields the deep red box office: an increase of 40 to 60 million euros. The exact amount depends on the consumer price index.

According to a statement from City Councilor for Finance Peter Hanke (SPÖ), many Viennese have now pinned their hopes – “fees not yet established in Vienna”, read some headlines. “I support this valorisation law 100 percent. Politics is based on facts. The increases are made dependent on how high the consumer price index has risen recently,” Hanke said in an interview with “Krone”. The latter is quite logical – from a purely factual point of view, the increase is also fixed due to the current situation, it is only about the exact amount.

Only he can suspend the charges
The only possibility: the increase is politically suspended (as happened in the 2015 election year and then in 2016) – a decision by Mayor Michael Ludwig. After Rendi-Wagner’s bankruptcy discussion last Monday in “ZIB 2”, there is pressure from our own ranks and from coalition partner NEOS: “In weeks of negotiations, we have spoken out in favor of suspending valorisation and were confident in reaching an agreement. We need to consider every affordable option to relieve people and businesses.”

An insider: “It’s 50/50 that the fees won’t be increased anyway.”

Incidentally, the income from all fees and charges in Vienna this year amounts to approximately 893.7 million euros.

Source: Krone


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