Vacationers pulled the emergency brake – who “pays” for the repair of two gondolas?


A German holidaymaker confused the emergency brake in a gondola with a handle on the Krippenstein in Upper Austria. That led to a rescue operation.

One thing is certain: this is going to be an expensive “pleasure”. After a German holidaymaker (50), as reported, confused the emergency brake of the cable car with a handle in Obertraun on Wednesday afternoon in Obertraun, cable car workers and the Obertraun mountain rescue service had to remove a total of 38 people from six countries from two cabins, each from a height of about 30 meters. . The rescued were then taken by the police helicopter “Libelle” Salzburg and the rescue vehicles of the mountain rescue service to the mountain station of the Krippenstein cable car.

From there they were able to return to their starting point in Obertraun. The initially closed section was reopened on Thursday, according to Peter Grögler of the Oberösterreichische Seilbahnholding. Asked by Krone, he said: “It is not yet clear who is responsible for the costs of the operation. The most important thing for us is, of course, that all passengers were unharmed. The Alpine Police have recorded the incident and are now investigating.”

Expensive helicopter missions
While the hourly rate for cross-site use of the alpine rescuers is relatively “cheap” at 800 euros, the rates for helicopter operations are different. According to information from the Salzburg Police Station, a one-minute helicopter flight costs 53 euros, or 3180 euros per hour.

Source: Krone


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