He was arrested – cyclists brutally beaten: perpetrators investigated


The search was on for a brutal perpetrator who was reported to have assaulted and beaten a cyclist in Schladming to the point of hospitalization. The police were able to track down a suspect. A Romanian who is homeless and feels “threatened”.

The 60-year-old cyclist was torn from his bicycle on the Ennsradweg R7 on August 1 by an unknown person and brutally assaulted – we reported. The stranger hit him so hard that bones broke. Then he fled. This naturally caused great unrest in the region.

But now, following a tip from a citizen, officials from the Altenmarkt Police Station (Salzburg) have managed to track down the suspects they’re looking for. The suspect is a 40-year-old Romanian who has been living on the street for several years.

“I felt threatened”
The man admitted to hitting the cyclist with hands and feet and gave the “reason” that he felt threatened by him. The cyclist passed him very close. After the incident, the suspect also stated that he fled via the Enns to the wooded area in the direction of Salzburg.

He is taken to Leoben prison.

Source: Krone


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