Remains discovered – teenager killed by crocodile in Indonesia


A 15-year-old died in Indonesia when a crocodile caught him fishing on a lake and pulled him into the water. Emergency services discovered the boy’s remains on Thursday.

According to the head of the local emergency services, that was two days after the attack. The 15-year-old was fishing in a lake with friends on Tuesday when the crocodile caught him and pulled him into the water. The attack took place on Ternate in the Moluccan archipelago (between Sulawesi and New Guinea, please note).

Body was surrounded by crocodiles
Search teams discovered the boy’s remains on Thursday. The body could not be recovered until later because it was surrounded by several crocodiles, an eyewitness on television said.

Crocodiles live in rivers and lakes in the tropics and subtropics, for example in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. To date, more than 2,000 attacks on humans have been recorded worldwide, more than 1,000 of which have been fatal. Saltwater crocodiles are responsible for about half of the attacks. The Nile crocodile causes only a quarter of all incidents worldwide, but two-thirds of them ended up fatal to the victim.

Source: Krone


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