Marriage without a groom – “Eternal Virgin”: she completely abstains from sex


Bernadette Lang has never had sex in her life and will soon be “married” to Jesus. She can be dedicated to the “eternal virgin”.

She chose her white wedding dress a long time ago and ordered her wedding ring. On August 15, Bernadette Lang walks down the aisle in Salzburg Cathedral. Without a husband. “My bridegroom’s name is Jesus Christ,” the 31-year-old says.

Lang himself has consecrated the “Eternal Virgin” – an ancient Catholic ritual that is almost forgotten today. “I’ve never had sex in my life and never will,” assures the Upper Austrian resident.

The studied theologian some time ago made the decision to lead a life of complete abstinence. At age 15, she said she had an “experience of God that had a positive impact on my life.” You heard Jesus. “Do you want to be mine?” he asked. Lang’s decision was then made. “I have come to know God as the God of intimacy and beauty.”

Lang broke off her last “serious relationship” with a man at the age of 18. “My boyfriend at the time wanted sex, but I didn’t,” she says.

become a nun? “It’s not an option”
Going to the monastery was never an option for the “eternal virgin”. “I like to travel, I like to meet new people”, Lang laughs. For the past ten years, she has always made an annual promise to God not to get intimate with anyone. On the day of the Assumption of Mary, she takes this vow for life. “The ordination is legally binding. If I want to dissolve them, it will go all the way to the Vatican,” Lang says. There are currently a handful of “eternal virgins” in Salzburg.

Family Supports “Eternal Virgin”
Family and friends fully support the young woman’s decision. “Surprisingly,” she says. Lang invites everyone to be a part of her day of days. The ordination in the cathedral starts at 2:30 PM.

Source: Krone


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