545 cases so far – monkeypox: Italy launches vaccination campaign


Italy launched its vaccination campaign against monkeypox on Monday, as the number of cases soared at a time when health officials around the world complain about vaccine shortages. Italy has reported 545 cases of monkey pox so far, according to the Ministry of Health. The vaccination campaign has begun more than a month after other countries saw higher cases, including the US, UK and Spain.

The first doses will be administered at Spallanzani Hospital in Rome, which specializes in infectious diseases, the hospital said in a statement. Vaccines and treatments were scarce and the disease was often left to traditionally underfunded sexual health clinics.

According to the Spallanzani hospital, 200 people who need to be vaccinated from Monday have already been vaccinated and there are 600 booking requests. Vaccinations will also start in Milan on Thursday.

160 cases so far in Austria
So far, 160 reported cases of monkeypox have been registered in Austria, and by August 5, according to Friday’s AGES data, 45 patients had already recovered in the epidemiological registry (EMS). the delivery of vaccines had arrived in Austria last week, the first delivery of 2,340 cans was reported in mid-July.

Source: Krone


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