Police officers killed – rebels freed hundreds of prisoners in Congo


Hundreds of prisoners have escaped from a prison in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Suspected rebels broke into a prison in the city of Butembo in the eastern province of North Kivu on Wednesday evening and helped the prisoners escape, local media reported. 800 prisoners are said to have escaped, a few have already been recaptured.

The army confirmed the attack and said two police officers and an attacker were killed. Security officials searched for the escaped prisoners on Wednesday: three more had already been arrested.

Only 49 prisoners remained in their cells
The Congolese news portal actualite.cd, citing military experts, reported that there were 872 prisoners in prison – only 49 remained in the detention center after the rebel attack.

4,000 inmates escape in biggest outbreak to date
Armed attacks on prisons are common in the former Belgian colony of 90 million people. Rebel groups, militias or criminal gangs often try to free their members. In May 2017, more than 4,000 prisoners escaped in the capital Kinshasa in the largest prison robbery to date.

Source: Krone


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