Food and fuel – “price drivers”: SPÖ threatens Kocher with ministerial lawsuit


The SPÖ accuses Economic Affairs Minister Martin Kocher (ÖVP) of ignoring the price law and threatens a ministerial lawsuit at the next National Council meeting if he does not take immediate action. So Kocher had to request a special report on food prices from the federal competition authority. Spar board member Markus Kaser’s critical statements towards price increases at suppliers should be checked.

“The statements of the board of directors of Spar substantiate the suspicion of price increases in the food sector,” said SPÖ boss Pamela Rendi-Wagner. The Federal Competition Authority should conduct an industrial investigation in the food sector to determine “who is taking advantage of the crisis situation unjustifiably”.

Sparboard: ‘Profits of the greedy companies pay the customers’
Spar marketing director Kaser said in an interview in early August that he saw “too high price demands from some food manufacturers.” “The profits of these publicly traded greedy companies are paid for by the customers,” he says.

Pressure also on fuel: ‘At least twelve euros too much per tank’
Rendi-Wagner also referred to the competition authority’s criticism of the pricing of the mineral oil industry: “Austrian drivers pay at least 12 euros too much for every full tank”. She also refers to Croatia and Slovenia, where a price cap applies at petrol stations.

“How long does the federal government want to keep an eye on price increases? A good, functioning price control is urgently needed. People should be able to rely on that. Chancellor Karl Nehammer and Economics Minister Kocher must finally ensure that effective controls are in place and grievances are eliminated,” said Rendi-Wagner.

AK-Check: “Alarming” Rises in Milk and Yogurt
A “Price Check” by the Chamber of Labor (AK) also shows significant price increases for food: according to it, the price for whole milk per liter has increased from 0.99 euros in June of the previous year to 1.29 euros in June 2022 – an increase of 30 percent. Fruit yogurt (1 kilogram) cost 1.69 euros a year ago. After an increase of 27 percent on an annual basis, the price this year is 2.15 euros. In view of the “alarming” development, the AK advocates a temporary reduction in VAT on food.

Source: Krone


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