Dia Ayuso begins to taste the taste of defeat


The first session of the National Executive Committee of the People’s Party has already ended. The leaders landed there until they arrived in Seville, in the huge lobby of the Palacio de Congresos. There was little left for journalists to say, but since they never had enough, there was a mass of reporters and cameras waiting for a little more. Alberto Nunez Feio landed an escalator with his current regular partner, Andalusian President Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla. The cameras switched to combat mode. There was a picture, another, of the new owners of PP.

Isabel Dia Ayuso and other people were coming down her right to the stairs where you have to go. For some reason, Feijo and Ayuso gathered in front of the camera collision, wanting to make more statements. There was neither a gesture of participation nor a smile from the journalist in favor of the image of the child. Neither was essential, but politicians from the same party usually do not miss to show how united they are and how much they love each other, whether it is true or not. And PP these days repeats the message of unity as if his life depended on it.

Even protected by a mask, Ayuso’s face was extremely serious. Calm down, he was not. He looked serious and was not in the mood for parties. Of course, there is nothing to say that the result of the PP congress was a great success and that the party is ready to compete and win the next election. Ayuso wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

It is time to consider the congressional verdict and how it will affect the position of President of Madrid in the PP. Unlike Casado, Feio will not face any obstacles in electing Ayusu’s party president into his community. Why does it make life difficult? This was one of the big mistakes of Pablo Casado, who did not understand the result of the Madrid regional elections or understood it well and blushed with envy and jealousy when he saw the brilliant ascent of the man who brought him out of the country. nothing.

This ends Feijo’s gestures towards Ayuso. He had no idea about food – the distribution of power in the party organs. The PP of Madrid hoped that one of them, someone with full and absolute trust in Ayuso, would be responsible for leading the internal organization. Let us not be rude. Not as a spy, but with the intention of having information about all the movements in Genoa.

Feio could not be so innocent. The most top positions were given to the leaders of Galicia and Andalusia. The Galician landing is obvious. In addition, Moreno Bonilla has placed two weighty bishops with Elijah Bendodo and Juan Bravo, the latter in the economic portfolio.

This is “an axis that goes from Galicia to Andalusia, but goes through Madrid,” Moreno said in describing the new power structure in the PP the previous day. I could tell the passage too To Madrid.

The PP of Madrid will have a representative in the solid core of Feijo. This will be Pedro Rolland in the portfolio of regional and local coordination, whose career dates back to the arrival of Diaz Ayuso in the party. He was mayor of Torrejონn de Ardos for twelve years, government adviser to Fifuente and vice president Garrido. He is not in the Ayusista sector before and after his death. Otherwise, he would not have been sent to the Senate in 2019, where many political careers in Spain will end. Retirement early, of which usually no one bothers.

This is something that happens in the game when there is a transition to leadership. Some have to pack their bags, while others who have been ridden in a corner – perhaps ahead of their time – have the opportunity to sit in a carriage where there is only room for those on the front line.

Feiyo wants to supply air to the barons of the region with the intention that they will not be seen as mere pawns of Genoa. Of course, his trusted people are in the leadership because they were his lieutenants in Galicia, they were in Moreno Andalusia or because they had known him personally for a long time. He can not ignore the weight that Ayuso has acquired between the party bases, nor the applause he also receives outside his region. But this is not trilateral. He is one step below Feio and Moreno. Madrid will be for him, but no more.

The media was able to make another speech of the new president on Sunday, the fourth in three days. There were only a few words before announcing the identity of his team. He insisted that the PP should build trust among the citizens with a message that Mariano Rajoy will sign without hesitation. “Now predictability, solvency are the most demanded values ​​in Spain.” Rajoy was very predictable. He even spat.

The PP leader is convinced that the Spaniards are thirsty for a time of bipartisanship. This is something that is probably firmly planted in Feio’s head, just like Rajoy’s. It is more a desire than a proven reality to believe that voters are responding in the midst of this economic uncertainty with an unbridled desire to return to the womb of a transitional Spain: two hegemonic parties that give pace to all the rest. “I do not believe in fashion. I believe in what remains after fashion,” he said. Fashion, disorder, that annoying noise that Rajoy did not like so much.

Dia Ayuso is in another war. One in which the hyperbole that Feijo does not like so much is not vice, but virtue. One in which he appeared in Seville on Sunday wearing a T-shirt featuring a Manolete figure from the brand, uniquely named Alma Torera. At the PP Congress, he was seriously angered because he was already weakened by a deadly war with a friend / mentor / boss / potential rival / deadly enemy – there are Mexican soap operas with less dirty stories than this. Who was Pablo Casado, who is lying in his present body today.

The forecast is protected. There is no doubt that Ayuso returns to the squares with a crutch in one hand and a chain in the other. But, of course, this is what Faiyo has to take for granted.

Source: El Diario


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