Nobel hiding place in the harbor – On the trail of “Cocaine General” Martin Schabel


Nobel hiding place in the harbor – On the trail of “Cocaine General” Martin Schabel

An apartment in the Italian marina Aprilia Marittima – here Martin Schabel (50), newcomer to the most wanted Austrians, kept unobtrusive in the noble hideout. A “Krone” local inspection.

The scent of the pine trees is omnipresent, crickets underline the Mediterranean idyll with their chirping – but otherwise eerie tranquility in the chic apartment complex in Aprilia Marittima, about five kilometers from the popular resort of Lignano and the tourist bustle. Up to 2500 boats are moored here in the marina – only captains can be found both on land and on the water during the local inspection of the “Krone”.

Millions ‘earned’ with drug gang
The complex looks like a ghost town. Perfect for someone who wants to shut off from the outside world and disappear. Such as the Vienna Martin Schabel, who has been one of the most wanted criminals in Austria for two months. For years, the 14-time convicted “cocaine general” is said to have spawned an unprecedented drug gang on the internet and “earned” millions.

“He ran the company the Secret Service way. Jammers, our own cell phone network, diversions – he knew exactly how to make life difficult for us,” said the detective in charge of this case at the Federal Bureau of Investigation – he remains anonymous for tactical reasons. Schabel managed to break up, the gang boss himself managed to withdraw in time.

Apartment with Poolzugang
And this in that idyllic complex in Aprilia Marittima – in the two-storey holiday apartment number 51. With direct access to a communal swimming pool in the courtyard of the noble complex, which is closed from all sides and shielded from view. It is doubtful, however, that the Viennese, sought after all over the world, actually splashed around with its neighbors.

“Well, the face means nothing to me,” said a German resident of the resort, who “got lost” outside the door to take out the trash. For nearly seven months, the Most Wanted from the judiciary remained hidden here at the marina – but also in nearby neighborhoods. Locals say they never saw the man, which doesn’t surprise the researchers.

Mountains of cans
Numerous cans in the apartment suggested the 50-year-old rarely went outside. Except sports – a saleswoman claims to have seen Martin Schabel jogging several times. In any case, one thing is certain: in Italy too, the most serious criminal broke up his tent in time before the police attacked him.

In the direction of Spain – where its trace has been lost to date. Information about the possible whereabouts of the Most Wanted to the Federal Criminal Police on 01/ 248 36-98 50 25 or to any police station.

Austrian trio top international search lists
Three Austrians, one inglorious thing in common: they are considered the most wanted criminals and are hunted worldwide with a red Interpol message. Topping the list of most wanted detectives is Tibor Foco, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1987 for the murder of a prostitute. Eight years after his trial, the pimp fled during an exit. To date, he has managed to go underground.

For about two months, suspected drug dealer Martin Schabel has been ‘laughing’ together with Tibor Foco on the red-white-red list of most wanted criminals. They are also looking for him internationally.

Financial fraudsters targeted by the German judiciary
Another Austrian has “made it” on the German investigators’ most wanted list with financial fraud in the millions: The fugitive Jan Marsalek made headlines around the world in the wake of the Wirecard scandal and is now hiding – as recently as reported – in Moscow, stop and fly quietly to Sochi on the Black Sea to enjoy a few days of luxury vacation.

Source: Krone


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