After the Ordination of Virgins – “Bride of Jesus” Honeymoon in the Holy Land


For Bernadette Lang, the newly initiated “eternal virgin”, today it’s off to Israel – on a honeymoon, so to speak.

“I am really overwhelmed and very satisfied. It was nice that so many people celebrated this feast with me,” said Bernadette Lang the day after her ordination to the “Eternal Virgin” in Salzburg Cathedral. Lang received the more than one and a half thousand years old consecration to the “Virgin consecrata” on the Assumption of Mary from auxiliary bishop Hansjörg Hofer. Her bond with Jesus Christ is now even stronger than before.

“This is a new reality for me, which I am only slowly realizing. It is a role in which I have to grow,” says the theologian in the “Krone” interview.

Want to tighten ties in Israel
Today the “bride of Jesus” goes to Israel – on a honeymoon, so to speak. Jesus is said to have worked in the holy land for a long time, making it the right place for them to strengthen their connection. She also spends three days in seclusion in a monastery.

Criticism and “Spectacle”
In the church, however, not everyone is happy with the attention that the ordination of virgins has caused. “I don’t think it’s right that the Archdiocese has allowed such a spectacle in the cathedral,” said a parish councilor. Another Catholic involved with the church says, “This staging fits more in the Middle Ages than it does in the 22nd century.”

Source: Krone


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