High Fertilizer Cost:- Increased demand for slurry, slurry and manure


After fertilizer prices skyrocketed, there is a demand for alternatives such as manure, manure and manure. In Austria, however, supply and trade are limited, reports the chairman of the Agricultural Chamber (LKÖ) Josef Moosbrugger. There are no separate trading platforms as for example in Germany.

Slurry, slurry and manure are mainly used for plant feed production. They contain nutrients such as nitrogen that promote crop growth and can therefore serve as a substitute for fertilizer. Since livestock farming in Austria is largely regional, the supply for farmers is scarce, according to the chairman of the agricultural chamber Josef Moosbrugger.

Fewer animals
In detail, Austrian farmers typically have fewer animals per hectare than other countries, which means less manure is produced. Instead, according to Moosbrugger, a high share of grassland and regional cycles will benefit. The latter is also reflected in the fertilizer trade.

trade with neighbors
“If manure is traded at all, it is usually small-scale and therefore more or less from neighbor to neighbor,” explains Moosbrugger. Crap would only be handed out sporadically. There are no separate trading platforms like the fertilizer exchanges in Germany.

In general, less manure has been used in Austrian agriculture in recent years. In 1990 there was still 143,000 tons of nitrogen, in 2019 that was only around 125,000. According to Moosbrugger, this has to do with the fact that feeding is increasingly geared to the needs of the animals.

Source: Krone


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