The cabinet calls on the industry on Monday to tackle new austerity measures


The emergency plan includes support to the electricity-intensive industry to alleviate the rise in energy costs

The government continues its round of contacts to prepare the emergency plan to reduce energy consumption as a result of the crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine. Industry Minister Reyes Maroto confirmed on Wednesday at Ametic’s 36th meeting of the digital economy and telecommunications in Santander that she will meet with industry next Monday to configure this plan with the aim of “providing assurance”. The minister confirmed that the dialogue with all actors is “improving” the contingency plan, after the third vice president, Teresa Ribera, spent days talking with the energy companies in this regard.

The main thing is to “guarantee the energy supply”, but by taking these measures lower prices, the minister told the media. In this sense, he assured that the emergency plan will include “specific accompanying measures” for the electro-intensive industry, recognizing that the industrial sector consumes 50% of all energy in the country. This support will be added to the €480 million allocated last year to “guide and minimize” the impact of energy prices on industry.

During her speech, the minister explained that her goal is to commit to “industrial autonomy” to provide “greater resilience” to potential crises. He confirmed that industry is one of the activities that “gives the economy more robustness” in wealth generation, quality employment, innovation and commercial opening.

On the other hand, the minister announced that in September they will launch the calls to the PERTE to support the agri-food and marine industries, which together will mobilize “more than 700 million euros”. Eleven PERTE are already underway in sectors such as the auto, aerospace or chips, representing an investment of 30,000 million public investments.

Source: La Verdad


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