Demand demand – energy crisis causes building frenzy in the heating industry


From Ochsner to Windhager and M-TEC to Hargassner: the manufacturers of heat pumps and biomass heating systems are expanding their production capacity. Customers still need patience.

“As an industry, we want to contribute to the independence of Russian gas and oil,” emphasizes Karl Ochsner, head of the Linz heat pump manufacturer Ochsner, which has long reached the limits of its production in Stadt Haag (Lower Austria). and is therefore located in Oed next to the Westautobahn has already secured a piece of land to create new production areas here next year.

New Windhager factory will not start until 2024
The fragile supply chains are also a challenge for Ochsner. “The waiting times for heat pumps have increased,” he says. Demand has also increased, which has skyrocketed as a result of the energy crisis. This circumstance also attracts Windhager from Salzburg to Pinsdorf. A production facility is now being built as part of a joint project with M-TEC, but will not be put into operation until early summer 2024. Now the breakthrough has happened.

Hargassner doubled production capacity
Biomass heating specialist Hargassner is also trying to increase capacity. New production areas have recently been created in Weng in the Energy World, which only opened in 2018: instead of “just” 15,000 boilers as before, as many as 30,000 can now be produced. In October, the company took over Innviertel Metallbau Pichler, located in Tiefgraben near Mondsee.

Source: Krone


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