Price madness – reader: 2,50 € for diesel – even towards Hungary


Price madness – reader: 2,50 € for diesel – even towards Hungary

“Now you even pay almost 2.50 euros for the diesel to Hungary”, reader Anja complains to – and also provides the photo proof.

Normally, as a driver in Eastern Austria, you are used to the fact that fuel prices – even on the highway – drop at least a little bit the closer you get to the Hungarian border. Gas station operators obviously try to prevent potential customers from filling up in the much cheaper neighboring country.

“It scared me”
But that seems to be over now. At the OMV in Hornstein towards St. Margareten in Burgenland (near the Familiepark) you paid no less than 2,449 euros per liter of diesel on the holiday. For the luxury variant “MaxxMotion” even 2,649 euros. “I was honestly shocked by it,” says reader reporter Anja. “In Neusiedl, for example, it used to be significantly cheaper…”

Price ceilings in Hungary, but not for foreigners
This could mean that queues at Hungarian petrol stations are getting longer again. The price ceiling introduced there by the Orbán government (1.20 euros per litre) no longer applies to foreigners since May – so if you want to refuel in Hungary with, for example, a Viennese license plate, you pay the normal market price. However, the average price there is currently around 1.60 euros, which is still well below the domestic price.

“Even if it’s just a matter of a few cents, people really drive further and would rather queue in Hungary than pay themselves crooked and stupid here,” reports Krone reader Heike.

2.50 euros could become normal
Experts now assume that the average price for diesel in Austria could soon rise to 2.50 euros (currently diesel: 2.029 euros; Super: 1.738 euros). The new carbon tax (which will be increased by the end of the year), sanctions against Russia, but also stricter guidelines for environmental protection in production (organic blending) are cited as price drivers.

Source: Krone


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