“It doesn’t get cheaper” – Abolition of agency fees should increase rents


As reported, the cabinet plans that from 2023 brokers may only charge a fee to the client, usually the landlord. The legal review is still ongoing, but the hoped-for goal will hardly be achieved, says Bernhard Reikersdorfer, head of the real estate agency ReMax.

“Life doesn’t get cheaper that way. Realistically, landlords outside the MRG (rent law, note) will then ask 20 to 25 euros more monthly rent. Price transparency for those looking for an apartment will certainly suffer because there is less visible supply on the market. In Germany, this ordering principle has reduced the online rental offer by more than 25 percent,” says Reikersdorfer.

Since some of the apartment owners will save on the real estate agent in the future and will mediate privately, more legal disputes about admissible contract details, reasonable prices, etc. are to be expected. Moreover, poorer tenants in particular would not actually benefit from it, while those looking for luxury or second homes would actually benefit. It would be more important to reduce current housing costs, for example by putting a brake on municipal taxes, according to the ReMax boss.

Source: Krone


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