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Rachel Heron, Senior Director, Growth and Performance at BT Security

Every day, millions of people around the world rely on BT’s expertise in cybersecurity to ensure they can live their lives and run their businesses securely.

With security operations in more than 180 countries backed by some of the world’s largest companies, a nation state and significant national infrastructure, BT has a unique perspective in this field.

We have a global network of security operations and more than 3,000 cybersecurity professionals who use their expertise to monitor, learn, predict and respond to the latest threats and combat more than 6,500 global cyber attacks on BT every day.

BT will open a new cybersecurity operation at its flagship Riverside Tower building in June, following a multi-million dollar renovation.

Expand our cybersecurity network

Our capabilities and capabilities will soon be enhanced as we expand our cybersecurity network with a new Center of Excellence in Belfast to help grow our local and UK client base.

The new center is under development in BT’s flagship Riverside Tower, which is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation program as part of BT’s Better Workplace program. The cybersecurity operation will be one of the first areas of the building to be completed in June of this year.

An eclectic mix of talent is needed to build our security teams and maintain this center of excellence. So we need a variety of skills. Some will have advanced technical skills; Some will not have a technical education; Some want to break things, others – to fix; Some service clients while others are trying to hack their new systems.

Why BT for Cyber ​​Security?

Attracting IT professionals

BT has solid employment experience and knows how to develop the right skills. We use a variety of channels to attract, develop and retain IT professionals in a highly competitive market and our success has enabled BT to grow our IT Security department dramatically to ensure we have the right people in the right place. , in the field. the right time.

The first of these is the world-class master’s programme, which focuses on shaping our security and defense culture. It has received industry recognition and won six industry awards, including Best Onboard Experience, and helps us protect our talent each year from our well-educated alumni fund, including the Universities of Queens and Ulster.

Our internship program is also very important in attracting people with security skills and after immersion in BT we offer a very clear career path for advancement and unmatched opportunities for those who have the desire and curiosity to use it.

We also train people from other BT countries for security roles. After prior training and rigorous assessment, successful candidates join a newly piloted 16-week program that delivers tangible results. In the long term, BT recently secured partnership status with the National Cyber ​​Security Center, ensuring that a strong pipeline of future talent and the next generation of cybersecurity professionals is built through their CyberFirst program.

Investments and strategic studies

Talent alone, even if it is important, is not enough. Our strategic investments and research into cyber security each year are an important part of our security offering. Last July, we announced a multi-million dollar investment in Safe Security, the leading Internet risk management company. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, SAFE, the Enterprise Security Assessment Framework platform, enables organizations to test existing defenses and understand the potential for a major cyber attack.

In October of this year, we launched the most advanced cyber defense platform. Eagle-I combines industry-leading network insight with advances in artificial intelligence and automation to anticipate, detect and neutralize security threats before they are harmed.

So when we expand our security operations with the opening of our Belfast Best Center we will use our expertise to provide services locally. We have the facilities and knowledge to develop the world’s best cybersecurity talent and we are excited about the opportunities in Northern Ireland as we continue to address the ever-changing security threat.

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Source: Belfastlive


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