Will Smith Explains ‘Violent Trigger’ After ‘Feeling a Coward’ –


Will Smith admits in his autobiography that his father’s attack on his mother as a child had a profound effect on his life. The Hollywood star said in his memoirs, published in November last year, that since the coward did not interfere, this became the “most violent case.”

The 94th Academy Awards plunged into chaos Sunday night when Smith took to the stage, and comedian Chris Rock hit a star-studded audience after Rock made fun of Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith and hair loss. Referring to Pinkett Smith’s hype, Rock said, “Jada, I’m looking forward to GI Jane 2,” which is why the actor opened his eyes.

However, Smith climbed onto the stage and apparently knocked Rock until he returned to his seat and shouted twice, “Don’t read my wife’s name.” The controversy shocked and shocked Rocky as he tried to refresh the presentation of the Best Documentary category.

Smith received his first Oscar for King Richard. He apologized to the academy and his fellow nominees, but not to Rock, as he caught his squeak and joked “He looks like a crazy dad.” The academy later said it had begun an “official review” of the incident, denouncing the actor’s behaviour.

Smith said in his autobiography, Will, that he “always considered himself a coward” for not interfering with his mother’s beating of his mother, adding that he witnessed the attack as a nine-year-old “defining who I am. Today more than anyone else. Present “. According to him, the episode “triggered the most violent factor in me: I’ve struggled all my life not to be a coward,” according to the Daily Mail.

Smith said that his father, Willard Smith Sr., was an alcoholic. He said, “I saw my father hitting my mother so hard on her side that she fell. I saw his blood spit. That moment, in that bedroom, perhaps more than any other, defined who I am today.”

“All I did after that — awards and accolades, lights and lights, characters and laughs, was a subtle series of excuses for my mother’s inaction at the time. For not being able to stand up to my father. He was a coward.”


Source: Belfastlive


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