After KV negotiations, breweries will hold a warning strike on Monday


There is a warning strike in the breweries on Monday. This is the union’s response to the fourth round of collective bargaining, which came to nothing. Employers had recently questioned the inflation rate of 6.9 percent on which the talks were based.

This is “a unique approach and totally disrespectful to the employees of the brewing industry,” trade union PRO-GE writes in a broadcast on Thursday.

The trade association recommended a wage increase of only 6.5 percent for member companies, which would be less than the agreed inflation rate.

“For employees, this means a loss of real wages. Therefore, as decided in the working meetings, warning strikes will be held in the brewing industry from November 28,” the negotiators on the workers’ side, Bianca Reiter (PRO-GE union) and Bernhard Hirnschrodt (GPA union), write in a press release. .

The unions insist on an 11 percent increase in wages and salaries. Negotiations will resume on December 9.

Source: Krone


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