Million minus – austerity course: Rosenbauer reduces the workforce


Will Rosenbauer still manage to close the financial year in the black? CEO Sebastian Wolf prescribed a “fitness program” for fire service providers. To get costs under control, vacations “tumble.” In addition, jobs are saved on the Leondingen.

In emergencies, Rosenbauer’s know-how is always needed – whether it’s putting out fires or rescuing people. But will the firefighter from Leonding manage to get the fire under control? “There is a lot of tension, but we believe in it and expect to break even”, CEO Sebastian Wolf looks back on the approaching end of the year.

After three quarters of the current fiscal year, profit before interest and tax was minus 30.5 million euros – a steep template for the neoboss.

Rosenbauer was prescribed a “fitness program” (O-Ton Wolf). “We have the training schedule. There are some direct measures that work immediately. Other things take longer to show effects,” says Wolf. Holidays and overtime are reduced. Through price negotiations, customers were persuaded to pay 2.7 million euros more. However, it won’t work fully without downsizing. 25 employees have to leave, many of them through natural departures.

Big Christmas party is canceled due to cost reasons
There is no big Christmas party because the costs were disproportionate. There is a drink in the outdoor area and subsidies for parties in the business premises. Because chassis are delivered too late, there are more delays. Wolf: “We currently have 90 bodies on the farm.”

Source: Krone


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