Already after a month – more than 600 registrations for the two-day working week


A month after the job offensive became known, automation specialist B&R in Eggelsberg is now starting to select personnel for temporary jobs. Curiously, there are also people from the company’s core staff who are willing to switch to the weekend shift model.

Because order books are overflowing due to the long-term lack of electronic chips and customers are currently experiencing long waiting times, B&R is planning a kind of liberation – and with special resources. Eggelsberg employs additional workers for a limited period of one year, working two 10-hour shifts each weekend: a two-day workweek with full-time pay, made a reality through bonuses.

And the offer works. After a week, the automation specialist, who belongs to the ABB Group, had already received 350 applications, and after one month of applying, more than 600 candidates have already applied for the positions.

With 50 employees, a temporary change was planned anyway
Curious: even employees from the permanent workforce find the offer so lucrative that they want to switch. 30 B&R employees signed up for the temporary weekend shift. Nevertheless, the company led by Jörg Theis with 50 employees has agreed to temporarily switch to weekends.

Qualified candidates are now being invited
What’s next? At B&R, personnel selection for the two-day working week, which should start in February, will begin. All qualified applicants are invited to so-called “Job Days” in the Innviertel, after which the decision on acceptance is made.

Source: Krone


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