Alarming Circumstances – Parcel Deliverers Exploited: Reports After Raid


Financial raid with consequences: the authorities covered black sheep in the delivery industry with juicy advertisements. Drivers’ statements about their work situation are alarming.

The focus of the actions of the financial police on the site of a large parcel service provider shortly before Christmas has costly consequences for the tax and excise evaders caught: The authorities have made 50 declarations in this operation alone – including for violations of the Social Security Act , undeclared work and the license plate and motor vehicles law.

“With intensively planned controls, we counter illegal machinations in this industry and thus protect our honest business people,” said Finance Minister Magnus Brunner, who is still on the mend after his e-scooter accident – reported the “Krone”.

During the operation, the officials mainly targeted “independent” freighters, in many cases their companies only existed on paper to avoid taxes. Brunner: “Fake self-employment harms the place of business enormously, because it serves to transfer payroll tax and national insurance contributions from the state.” In addition, many drivers are downright exploited. During the interrogations, some made alarming statements – from overnight stays in mattress camps to stiff penalties for canceling tours, to 77-hour weeks!

Source: Krone


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