It starts in early March – that’s why we said “yes” to the two-day week


650 applicants are queuing up for the additional one-year shifts at B&R in Eggelsberg (Upper Austria). Four people who already have a commitment from the automation specialist reveal why the weekend jobs are popular. It starts in early March.

The security guard ensures that everyone who comes by car has a parking space in front of the B&R campus in Eggelsberg. Inside, the floor is just being mopped before the next applicants arrive this afternoon.

Because the order books are overflowing, the automation specialist has created a one-year work model: working two 10-hour shifts at the weekend and receiving a salary equivalent to a full-time job. Some experienced employees have to switch to the model for a year to get into the routine.

The rest of the production staff will be brought on board. There is talk of hundreds of jobs for the two-day working week that starts in the first weekend of March, but there are no concrete figures. 650 applicants make the selection easier.

Why are the vacancies so popular? In an interview with four applicants who have already been hired by B&R, it becomes clear that, in addition to salary, flexibility and extra free time are the most important factors. “I have so much more time for my daughter,” says Wolfgang Schweizer, who can stay in the apartment of a former colleague between shifts.

“Be diligent and don’t watch Netflix”
Monika Drzewiecka and Peter Wilson can also combine children and work. “I can go back to work sooner,” says Drzewiecka, who became a mother in 2021. For Fabian Esterbauer, only a part-time job is currently an option anyway. What does he have planned for the year at B&R? “Be diligent and don’t watch Netflix.”

Personnel manager Angelika Loiperdinger and her team have their hands full gauging the influx of applicants. How does the selection procedure work? Once a week, 70 candidates are invited. On the “Job Day”, which took place on Tuesday this week, the applicants are first guided through the production. Then there is a one-on-one meeting with a team leader. After about 90 minutes, both parties have a good understanding of each other, says Loiperdinger.

Requests also from Vienna and Nuremberg
Interesting: the offer of the two-day week appeals to all ages. “From schoolchildren and students who want to earn some extra money to people who are about to retire,” says the HR manager. About half of the applicants come from the region: from the Innviertel, the Flachgau in Salzburg and Bavaria. Otherwise, people from Linz, Vienna, Graz or Nuremberg have also expressed their interest. Professional experience is not necessary: ​​”You learn with us.”

Source: Krone


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