Thus increases the minimum subsistence income until June due to the war in Ukraine


The government has approved a 15% increase in the minimum subsistence income over the next three months, from April to June, due to the war in Ukraine. The increase applies to the monthly IMV amount each family receives, including supplements such as child support. Thus, if a family with two adults and a twelve-year-old receives IMV € 837 per month, the maximum guaranteed income for this type of family is € 963 per month for the next three months. , 126 euros more.

The following is an indicative table showing the increase in the guaranteed minimum income for each type of household with a 15% increase approved by the government.

On the table, which can be an indication of approved growth, a few nuances need to be done. First of all, keep in mind that it shows the income guaranteed by IMV for each type of household and not the amount that families receive. The minimum subsistence income that reaches households is the income that a family has and complements them until this “guaranteed income” is reached.

A few examples of the hypothetical family of two adults and a twelve-year-old son in 2022. If the family currently has no income, they will receive the full guaranteed income. But if he had a monthly income of 500 euros for one of the adults thanks to working part-time, the IMV he would have received would have reached 337 euros a month.

The second accuracy on the table: It shows the guaranteed income amounts for each type of household, single parent or disability without the addition of allowances and which recognizes families with these circumstances with a 22% (each) increase. IMV funds. The guaranteed income for a family with a wife and a 14-year-old son who is not a single parent, for example, is 797 euros per month. But if the family had been lonely because the child was being cared for by the mother alone, the IMV guaranteed income would have reached 972 euros per month.

The third note on the table is that the allowance per child is provided for all minor families, but in its minimum amount: 50 euros per month, which is recognized when the children are older than six years. These grants can be higher, € 70 per month for minors aged 3 to 6 and € 100 per month when minors are less than three years old.

Thus, the guaranteed income of one adult and two minor families in the table is given at 995 Euros per month, taking into account that the children were over six years old. If they have completed, for example, two and five years, an additional 100 euros will be taken into account in the guaranteed income and another 70 euros, which will result in a guaranteed income of 1065 euros per month.

Upload applies to unresolved requests

The ministry yesterday also recalled that families who receive IMV will receive a social electricity bonus if they have not already received it.

A rule released by the BOE on Wednesday (PDF) in conjunction with the Ukraine War Assistance Package regulates this temporary increase of 15% of the minimum subsistence income, including “accrued monthly allowances and deductions from previous periods. As well as other notions of non-monthly periodicity that could have accumulated, ”he points out.

The increase from April to June will also apply to the “Requirements for these benefits submitted” before the entry into force of the decree on Thursday, March 31, but “not decided” and “those subsequently submitted, provided that the results of its recognition will be no later than 2022.” June 1. “

Source: El Diario


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