The government gives freedom to supermarkets and shops to limit the number of products that can be purchased


Today’s BOE includes a resolution that takes effect tomorrow, March 31st, which, among many other measures, approves a 20-cent discount on fuel, increases the Minimum Living Income (IMV), and approves dozens of benefits for companies. But, in addition, in the midst of all these events, it allows stores and supermarkets to limit how many products each buyer can get. It does this due to transportation problems and lack of stock in the event of a shortage of some products.

Until now, the retail law had established that traders could not limit the number of products that each customer could receive. And that, if there are not enough supplies, they should be sold to whoever arrives first.

Nevertheless, we have repeatedly seen restrictions on purchases in stores and supermarkets. In fact, we see it today with products like sunflower oil.

What the norm does today is to release this already widespread practice, including a clause in the article that allows, exceptionally and “when there is a force majeure emergency”, they can limit the number of items per person. Of course, this measure should be justified (although it is not specified to whom and how) and only “when it is necessary to avoid shortages” and guarantee fair access to the products.

At the same time, the ordinance law allows companies that need to replace sparse ingredients like this to follow labeling rules with stickers or QR codes that change the current labels on their products.

The information is published in CIVIO’s “Our Daily BOE”

Source: El Diario


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