Latest addition – Voestalpine: weak to dwarfs with steel power


Group of 50,000 employees buys company with about 40 employees: Linz-based Voestalpine recently found what it was looking for in Switzerland. Board member Fritz Rotter explains why the steel dwarf fits perfectly. Also: The decision to invest billions in the production of green steel is getting closer. The Supervisory Board is expected to approve the plans on Tuesday.

Anti-allergenic, particularly skin-friendly, shines like white gold, has a high proportion of recycled steel – these are the properties of the stainless steel alloy that Voestalpine developed for the watches of the Swiss luxury brand Chopard. The collection called “Alpine Eagle” contains the innovation of the steel and technology group, which recently went back to successful shopping. The company from Linz took over Metaltec, a so-called blank steel specialist in Switzerland.

The company in the canton of Bern employs 37 people, which seems negligible considering the approximately 50,200 Voestalpine employees. Yes, the steel dwarf is a real giant in its field, producing stainless steel rods between two millimeters and two centimeters thick for the production of screws for dental implants or shafts and gears for mechanical clocks or for surgical instruments such as knives and the like . “In this way we can offer everything in the field of bare steel from a single source, from high-quality materials to ready-to-install components,” says board member Fritz Rotter.

The group already scores with top solutions in the most diverse steel segments: for example, laser-welded blanks are produced in Linz that are used in car doors and side panels.

The Supervisory Board will decide on a green future on Tuesday
Voestalpine has long since started preparatory work on the plant site in Linz – now the supervisory board should soon give the go-ahead for the future plans of the steel and technology group: Tuesday the supervisory board will decide on the “greentec steel”, which will be the paving the way for CO2-neutral production must be continued.

In the first step, the expenditure of around one billion euros was estimated for the mega-investment to commission two electric arc furnaces in Linz and Donawitz by 2027. The price increases will certainly make the initial investment more expensive, Voestalpine boss Herbert Eibensteiner recently revealed.

Source: Krone


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