Decision in committee – Soon free access to jobs for displaced persons from Ukraine


Displaced Ukrainians who fled their homeland from the Russian offensive will soon have unrestricted access to the Austrian labor market. The Social Committee of the National Council approved a corresponding amendment to the Foreigners Employment Act on Thursday.

About 8,000 Ukrainians are currently working in Austria, and 14,000 are registered with the AMS as job seekers, according to parliamentary correspondence. Refugees from Ukraine already have easier access to the Austrian labor market and are actively placed on job vacancies by the AMS, provided they are in possession of a valid IDP.

Prior checks on wages and working conditions will no longer apply
Holders of a displaced person’s pass will be able to work in Austria without a permit in the future. The prior checking of wages and working conditions, which is still necessary today, should also be dispensed with.

Fear of wage and social dumping
It was emphasized from various sides that it must be ensured that this group of people is not exploited. According to applicants Tanja Graf (ÖVP) and Barbara Neßler (Greens), controls under the Wage and Social Dumping Control Act should ensure that Ukrainian refugees are employed at fair wages and working conditions in accordance with collective agreements and other legal requirements.

According to parliamentary correspondence, Minister of Labor Martin Kocher (ÖVP) stressed that so far no problems of wage and social dumping in the employment of Ukrainians could be identified.

Source: Krone


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