Soldiers wanted: – Moscow pays “mileage money” for mistreatment


Russia urgently needs more soldiers for deployment at the front. There are now absurd offers to get more people to volunteer for the war in Ukraine. Apparently you can make good money with it.

Since March 21, the Moscow region has been conducting a massive campaign to promote volunteerism in the war, according to the independent site Meduza. The Ministry of Defense is also involved. On March 22, the news portal “” reported that the contract service in the Yaroslavl region was increasingly being advertised. This was also taken up by the board.

Accordingly, volunteers “in the zone of military special operations” should now be able to earn decent money. For example, the signing of the contract is paid with 295,000 rubles (3560 euros), after which you will receive a monthly salary of 200,000 rubles (2413 euros).

Explosive is that the state must reward active participation in offensive operations with a daily allowance of 8,000 rubles (96 euros). For storm attacks, an extra 50,000 rubles (603 euros) should be added per kilometer that the soldier comes forward.

Salaries in Russia vary greatly between regions and industries. According to the Federal State Statistics Office, an employee in the world’s largest country in terms of area receives only an average of 815.29 euros (67,612 rubles, as of October 2022) per month.

Even registry offices advertise
The Internet edition “Taiga.Info” reports that the mayor’s office of the Russian city of Novosibirsk has asked the administration of residential buildings to place advertisements for military service on the bulletin boards in the stairwell and on the front doors.

Accordingly, such advertising should be placed even on the websites of schools. Particularly noteworthy: the telegram channel “Baza” reported that such announcements were also distributed in the registry office and in children’s sports clubs.

Source: Krone


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