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Together with the Chamber of Commerce and kronehit, the “Krone” has stimulated the talent turbo with the campaign “Student seeks apprentice” and had hundreds of students present their company via video. After the online vote at, it’s now time for the final: our reporter Sarah Jahn was on site with the ten companies that our readers voted in the top 10. Today she is with neoom, where Dominik presents his company and internship.

Dominik is 18 years old and is in the first year of his training as an electrical engineer at neoom. He also adds the field of energy technology to his apprenticeship as the so-called cleantech company has focused on renewable energy. With reporter Sarah Jahn, he gives us exciting insights into his apprenticeship and his workplace – and explains what an apprenticeship at neoom has to offer.

neoom offers innovative, clean and integrated decentralized energy solutions, such as photovoltaic systems and battery storage. Together with its partners, neoom wants to create fully integrated, electrical and digital systems and thus create sustainable values ​​for everyone. The central goal is to save more than one gigatonne of CO2 equivalents.

A job with a future
What does Dominik find exciting about his internship at neoom? The independent work, the very flexible working hours and because it is simply a job with a future, says the 18-year-old in an interview with Sarah Jahn, who, among other things, gets to see the storage space of neoom during a tour of the student. There, all the electricity from the photovoltaic system is stored in batteries and can then be used in the event of a power failure, Dominik explains to our reporter.

What does a typical working day at Dominik look like? The student starts his day at the office. Either “short and sweet” with a check of the new emails and then straight to a construction site, or a real day at the office, with the 18-year-old taking care of the planning of photovoltaic systems and subsidies.

It was not always clear to Dominik that he wanted to do an internship. After two years in high school, he realized to himself, “Okay, that’s not for me. I want to do something, do something. I just want to improve my skills.” He then accidentally found the internship at neoom on the internet and immediately felt drawn to it. Because renewable energy “has always interested him, and that’s how I got started there,” the 18-year-old recalls.

“Just a great company”
The advantages as a student at neoom? Dominik describes neoom as a young company with young employees, “just a great company” that does something about climate change, according to the student. The delicious food, the beautiful terrace and the music corner that the establishment has to offer are of course not to be missed. As a student, Dominik already has his own company mobile phone, his own workplace with his own laptop in the office and, in his own words, gets “nice work clothes”.

Particularly important: the nice colleagues, “on whom he can always count”. And if he had an electric car, he could always charge it at the company’s location. As soon as he finishes his apprenticeship, Dominik decides he will get his own car.

What we could clearly see during our visit to neoom: Apprentices are “extremely important” to the young company, as CEO and founder Walter Kreisel – who did an internship himself – emphasized in an interview with our reporter. “Because I think it’s better the sooner you learn a certain trade and how to handle money, and I think learning doesn’t stop after the apprenticeship, it never really stops,” says Neoom CEO, who sees it as an opportunity “to grow above one’s own head”.

The entrepreneur wants to offer his employees every opportunity for further training, whether private or organized by the state.

Source: Krone


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