And that’s how much it costs – sunny yellow: the new highway vignette is here


Since Monday, the self-adhesive vignette for motorway use in sunny yellow will be available at 6,000 sales points throughout Austria for the coming year. It is valid from December 1. The price for the annual vignette for cars is 96.40 euros, just like last year, for motorcycles it has increased slightly to 38.50 euros.

The digital version of the vignette, which is now used by 70 percent of all annual vignette holders, has been for sale since mid-November.

Old vignette still valid until January 31, 2024
As usual, the old purple vignette is still valid until January 31, 2024.

The costs for the traditional self-adhesive vignette and the digital version are the same. The newly introduced one-day vignette for cars (8.60 euros) and motorcycles (3.40 euros) is only available digitally.

Digital vignette is only valid for 18 days after purchase!
The digital version can be purchased at the Asfinag toll shop and via the free Asfinag app, as well as at toll booths, ÖAMTC, ARBÖ and ADAC and at selected petrol stations and tobacconists. Customers must comply with the consumer protection period when making online purchases. The digital vignette is only valid for 18 days after purchase, Asfinag said.

This is how you ‘stick’ well
The self-adhesive sticker must be clearly visible on the left edge of the windshield or behind the rear view mirror (not on the edge of the tint). Old vignettes must be removed after the expiry date to ensure good all-round visibility. You should keep the bottom vignette part, as the carrier film with the serial number serves as proof of purchase. It is necessary if a replacement vignette is issued, for example if the annual vignette has been incorrectly pasted and accidentally canceled. You can then submit an application for a replacement vignette.

In Austria, the vignette requirement applies to cars, motorcycles and light mobile homes. Anyone caught without a valid sticker must pay a replacement toll of 120 euros. If you tamper with or use the vignette of another car, a fine of 240 euros will be payable.

Source: Krone


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