Train, bus, flight, car – price check: that’s how expensive the train is in comparison


Train, plane, bus or car – which means of transport you choose to travel is often determined by the price and duration of the trip. For comparison, we show popular connections.

As we all know, taking the train is the best thing you can do for the environment. According to ÖBB calculations, trains currently have CO2 emissions of 5.7 grams per passenger kilometer (pkm), while cars emit 217.7 grams per pkm. And the plane, as we know, is many times larger.

But: climate protection is expensive. This is also confirmed by a Greenpeace study that compared train and flight prices for 112 popular routes in Europe. The result: in 71 percent of cases the train journey costs more. We also compared national and international routes of different means of transport.

Source: Krone


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