Because the victim was crying – the failed robber wished him “a nice day”


Very few robberies end this way. Because the 80-year-old victim had no cash and was crying, the robber was ‘understanding’.

A walk along the Drau cycle path in Villach ended with a real shock for an 80-year-old woman from Villach on Monday afternoon. “Suddenly, an unknown male person threatened her,” police said. “He asked her to hand over the money she had put in her pocket.” But the older woman had nothing with her and began to cry. The man – described as 25-30 years old, local, black clothing with a hood, white and black shoes – seemed understanding. “No problem, I wish you a nice day,” said the perpetrator and continued on his way.

The 80-year-old immediately went to the Trattengasse police station and reported the incident. “After a search, a suspect was initially arrested, who was released because he was not a possible perpetrator for the lady,” the police continue. “The 80-year-old was not injured in the incident and also refused emergency services.”

Source: Krone


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