Leadership Day “Krone” – Brilliant premiere with Rangnick, Berger & Co.!


Brilliant premiere for the “Krone” Leadership Day 2024: Under the motto “Business meets Sports”, leaders from sports and business gathered on Thursday in the Vienna Ballonhalle, where krone.at sports director Michael Fally guided around 400 guests through a day packed with numerous highlights.

High-profile speakers such as Gerhard Berger, Ralf Rangnick and Peter Stöger shared their insights on leadership and transformation, while tipp3, technogym, the city of Vienna, Servus TV and CANAL+ as premium partners ensured a successful day full of inspiration, dialogue and networking that opened up new perspectives .

During his reception at the Vienna Ballonhalle, ‘Krone’ director Gerhard Valeskini emphasized the core values ​​of the ‘Kronen Zeitung’: closeness to people and creating a connection between the renowned media brand and leading personalities from different sectors. “One of the most important claims of the ‘Krone’ is to be close to people and connect them,” he expressed his gratitude and praised the efforts of the employees as well as the participants and sponsors who made the event possible . The director of “Krone” also highlighted the successful ability to establish a dialogue between the brand and its readers as “a sign of solidarity”.

Valeskini also underlined the importance of independent media for democracy. “Economically independent media, defensive and, above all, independent journalists” are crucial to freely express opinions and raise important issues. The director of “Krone” appealed to the public to recognize the importance of these freedoms and take into account the impulses of the day: “Since you are all leaders, I ask you to pay sensitive attention to these things.”

Exciting Leadership Insights
The Leadership Day offered the managers in the audience a varied program from 10:10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with in-depth discussions, lectures and interviews about effective leadership, the role of managers in challenging times and the transformation of business models. For example, ÖFB coach Ralf Rangnick and top football coach and management Peter Stöger provided insight into their leadership philosophies.

At the perfect start to the super sports year 2024, Rangnick talked about special team building measures: “After visiting five hardware stores, we collected the 70 carabiners. The start and end dates of the European Championship in Germany are engraved next to the players’ names – perfect key rings, so everyone can keep an eye on our big goal every day.” When asked about Austria as European champions, the 65 said -year-old expertly answered: “I don’t think so.” It is extremely likely, but not impossible!” Although the German is slowly becoming sensitive after the injuries to Alaba and Kalajdzic: “When Marcel Sabitzer fell for a short time At the last match against Dortmund I gasped for breath for two minutes.”

Stöger, the Austrian champion and coach at Cologne and Dortmund in Germany, explained why managers need a democratic basis but must make authoritarian decisions: “If a player gets injured in the 54th minute, I cannot start a survey. .” He has a realistic approach to the coaching profession: “It is never a question of whether you will be hit, only when.”

While Lizz Görgl explained how discipline from sports helps in business, NBA pioneer Jakob Pöltl spoke about the pressure in the billion-dollar league – and Formula 1 legend Gerhard Berger revealed how stars should be managed: “Most of the time not!” using Ayrton Senna as an example: “He told team boss Ron Dennis it costs a million dollars per race. It’s on the beach until the right offer is made, but it’s accessible.” Only at the last second was everything resolved with McLaren – of course on Senna’s terms.”

Multi-layered aspects of leadership and transformation
The Krone Leadership Day 2024 highlighted complex aspects of leadership and transformation. The theme block ‘Leadership in challenging times’ discussed strategies for managing change, from the UEFA Euro 2024 broadcast on ServusTV to the transformation of business models. With his focus on body language, Stefan Verra offered a ‘power boost’ for effective communication. The second block focused on ‘Transformation as a key factor for successful entrepreneurship’, highlighting, among other things, the market introduction of Canal+ as an example of strategic change management. The final block focused on innovation and sustainability, including a look at Vienna’s new sports facilities and the importance of a visionary mindset for leaders.

Also among the satisfied guests at the glamorous premiere: goalkeeping legend Otto Konrad, ex-Bundesliga boss Georg Pangl, Heinz Palme, ex-boxer Marcos Nader and handball face Conny Wilczynski.

A day that inspired action
Conclusion: The conversations and interviews with the numerous top speakers impressively underlined the transferability of sports principles to the business world. The event concluded with a call to the leaders present to integrate the impulses of the day into their leadership work and always take into account the importance of attitude and responsibility. A day that not only inspired, but also encouraged action.

Source: Krone


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