Tax exemption – the tax authorities discover a loophole for PV bargain hunters


The tax exemption for rooftop solar power plants has its pitfalls, especially when it comes to retrofitting storage modules at a lower price, and causes problems. Resourceful bargain hunters dared to take a look across the border, where the regulations are a little easier, but the Tax Authorities are also looking for a loophole in the law.

One EU, one rule, two interpretations left and right of the Inn and Salzach! And so a loophole in the law became apparent for PV savers who wanted to retrofit their system with storage. Because in Germany, including Bavaria, all photovoltaic components are sold at a zero tax rate. “You can of course also come as an Austrian and get memory modules under the same conditions,” was the answer from several dealers in and around Passau to questions from “Krone”. Before a dealer said: “No, the same tax rules apply to Austrians as in Austria – that was specifically communicated on February 20.”

Source: Krone


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