Finance Minister Brunner – “We need more private capital for precautionary measures”


The construction cost subsidy of 100,000 euros for homes requested by social partners is not a well-thought-out idea, says Finance Minister Magnus Brunner. Why he didn’t miscalculate the budget and why private services should be fiscally subsidized – if the Greens can be convinced.

“Kron”: Your budget planning required debts almost twice as high: how can a finance minister suddenly find nine billion? How can you misjudge yourself so much?
Magnus Brunner: We did not miscalculate. We must be careful in forecasting and stick to the assessments of economic experts. They vary, but we stick to the most prudent ones. That’s a godsend if we take on less debt, but it’s still debt. Of the budgeted expenditure on subsidies and energy cost subsidies, for example, 6 billion was not necessary. In addition, there are low interest payments and higher income.

Source: Krone


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