In pictures after the accident – “Long distance truck transport has slavish traits”


The recent explosion of a gas cartridge in the cabin of a truck at a highway parking lot near Dornbirn (Vorarlberg) is symptomatic of the poor working conditions of long-distance drivers.

“If there had been a cooking facility at the rest area in Dornbirn, this would not have happened!” Union boss Reinhard Stemmer responded with clear words to the incident at the new rest area on the A14 Rijndal. The driver from Lithuania wanted to heat up food in his driver’s cabin, and the gas cartridge exploded for an unknown reason. The explosion was so violent that the side windows were blown away and the doors smashed open.

The man suffered burns to his arms and head. He will also likely have insurance problems. This form of food preparation does not stand alone.

Source: Krone


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