Who is the cheapest – new low prices for smartphone tariffs


Who is the cheapest – new low prices for smartphone tariffs

With a new competitive tariff, the mobile network operator Drei wants to take a stand against the numerous discount providers in Austria. In our case, about one in three private customers already uses a cheap offer from Spusu, HoT & Co. Drei is therefore now starting with the brand tariffs “up³” from only 4.90 euros per month – like the discounters without additional costs or service fees. Does this make them the cheapest?

The domestic mobile phone market is one of the cheapest in Europe. The start of discount stores in 2005 in particular gradually increased competition and lowered the price level. Many consumers switched from the large network operators to the cheaper discounters. Currently, around a third of private individuals, or around 2.5 million people, use a tariff from Spusu, HoT, Lidl & Co.

Now grid operator Drei wants to hit back with the not entirely new, but completely relaunched tariff brand “up³”. The ‘up³ Smart’ now starts at 4.90 euros per month for 50 gigabytes of data and 1000 voice or SMS units. For the top tariff “up³ Unlimited” (unlimited minutes, SMS, data; up to 150 MBit download) you pay 19.90 euros per month.

For the first time, ‘breaks’ are possible in mobile phone rates
The new offer can be filled in online in the Drei app in just a few minutes – without additional costs and without annual value adjustment. ‘Pauses’ are also possible. If you do not need your mobile phone for one, two or more months, you can take a break and still be reachable for up to 12 months. “Today we are sending the discounters into retirement,” says Drei manager Günter Lischka.

However, it may not be that simple given the many competing offers, some of which are also very good. Lidl Connect is just behind Drei at an effective cost of €7.47 per month, but offers more data and minutes. Closely followed by Spusu, yesss! and eetachtig.

The smartphone tariff from ‘Krone mobile’ (see graph) is also among the top ten tariffs for less than ten euros per month, as shown by comparison portal Durchblicker.

Source: Krone


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