Hardly affected – companies fear energy prices more than climate change


Hardly affected – companies fear energy prices more than climate change

A clear majority of Austrian companies (89 percent) are affected by rising energy prices. Nearly every third manager sees their existence in jeopardy, according to a Sora survey of 400 managers with Deloitte. Relatively fewer companies are afraid of climate change.

About three quarters of those surveyed experience little or no impact of climate change on their own business model. Only a third of business representatives rightly believe that the domestic economy can operate as required by 2040 in a carbon neutral (“Net Zero”) manner. These are mainly small businesses. Only a few respondents think that the average temperature on earth will rise by less than 1.5 degrees in the future (declared political goal, ed.).

40 percent feel climate change
Although climate change has little or no effect on their own business, 40 percent of the survey participants said they felt it. There are more in the big companies. The district, which experiences the consequences for its own company, often has no plans to work in a more climate-friendly way in the future.

Differences by industry
However, if countermeasures are not taken, the climate crisis could cost the Austrian economy around €100 billion and up to 900,000 jobs by 2070, Deloitte calculated. “If the Austrian economy succeeds in switching to CO₂-neutral production, this offers a great opportunity in the long term,” says Alexander Kainer, Partner at Deloitte. This requires stable framework conditions and extensive financial support from the state. Agriculture and industry are more aware of the problem, while the service sector is lagging behind.

Source: Krone


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