The government, very close to an agreement with the self-employed after quota reduction


Escrivá presents a new proposal for the coming years with minimum contributions between 230 and 590 euros for those who earn more than 6,000 euros and access to a fixed rate without limits

The government is already “very close” to reaching an “in principle agreement” with the self-employed to launch the new premium system based on their real income from 2023. This was put forward this Monday by ATA president Lorenzo Amor, the organization that has been the most critical in supporting the text to date.

The road to this foreseeable consensus has not been an easy one at all and for this the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, has had to make an important series of concessions which, on this occasion, already seem to please everyone, including employers, although rather with a definitive yes. read the new draft with the bill carefully.

In the latest proposal tabled by the College during next Monday’s meeting, the contributions for the more than 3.3 million self-employed persons for the next three years – instead of nine, as originally intended – are set with allowances. that will vary between 230 and 590 euros -compared to the maximum 1,125 euros it proposed at the beginning- and will return and keep the flat rate for any new entrepreneur, without limiting it to those who earn less than the interprofessional minimum wage (SMI) enter ). In addition, it undertakes to abolish the maximum premium income for people aged 47 and over.

Source: La Verdad


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