After tough years, breweries hope for the end of the dry period


The local breweries have had two tough years. Bars, restaurants and hotels that have been closed for months have left their mark. Especially those companies with a high gastronomy share had a hard time. It’s much better now.

The volume in the first half of the year is about nine percent higher than in the previous year. “This is a pleasant development, as we have reached the level of 2019,” explains association president Sigi Menz. However, the hospitality industry remains difficult. According to the sector spokesperson, the draft beer is still lagging behind with a minus of about 20 percent.

Brau Union (Gösser, Zipfer, Kaiser, etc.) is also in a more positive mood than in the past two years. “You notice that people have a lot to catch up after Corona,” says boss Klaus Schörghofer. Festivals, events or club parties would take place again, which would boost sales. For example, alcohol-free beer is very popular. The market leader already has about twenty non-alcoholic or free beers or shandies in its range.

The privately owned brewery Stiegl is not quite back to the level of 2019. “It will take another year or two,” says boss Dieter Moser. The reason for this is also the gastronomy here. For example, there are now fewer companies than in 2019. There are also reduced opening hours and a lack of staff.

Another problem for brewers is rising costs. “Aluminium and glass continue to increase significantly. That will also affect the products,” says Schörghofer. Ottakringer will also see an increase in the second half of the year. “We are well supplied with both packaging and raw materials, but at significantly higher prices,” explains boss Harald Mayer. Barley alone has become 30% more expensive this year, adds association chairman Menz.

In these volatile times, it is difficult to provide a look ahead for the year as a whole. Egger-Getränke Director Reinhard Grießler: “That would be fishing in murky water.” However, given the extreme price increases, it must be assumed that consumption outside the home will fall. The private brewery Zwettler is also experiencing a structural change in the country. The owner of the private Zwettler brewery, Karl Schwarz, emphasizes that good, homely restaurants are very popular, while pubs and pubs are struggling more and more.

Source: Krone


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