Apply for any Renfe pass to travel by train for free


Users can register on their website from this Monday to receive the titles from August 24th

From this Monday, Renfe users who want to take advantage of free passes and discounts on trains approved by the government under the energy-saving plan will be able to register online to receive their passes from August 24, although they may be available from September 1. can be used.

Which trains are included in the plan?

The discount is applied to Cercanías, Rodalies, Media Distancia and Avant tickets.

Will the Cercanías trains be free?

Travel yes, but not for everyone. It is necessary to prove that they are returning passengers and for this they ask for a deposit of 10 euros to receive the Cercanías subscriptions and travel for free for four months. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the period (if paid by card, the refund will be paid directly to the account and if cash at the counter) if the passenger has made more than 16 journeys by train from the Surroundings.

And the middle distance?

The aim is the same, that users who regularly travel on these trains benefit from the discounts. For this reason, a subscription will be purchased for which a deposit of 20 euros must be paid, which will also be returned if the passenger makes more than 16 trips from September 1 to December 31. If we consider the two routes (round trip) as a journey, the passenger who goes to a certain city twice a month would have already compensated the subscription.

And ahead?

High-speed services are excluded from the total gratuity, but Avant Medium Distance trains receive a 50% discount on multi-trip tickets. For example, a 50% discount will be applied to all Avant multi-trip tickets (Card Plus Pass, Card Plus 10 or Card Plus 10-45) sold between September 1 and December 31, 2022. Discounts from large family and other organizations will apply after the 50% discount.

For example, if we take a Madrid-Toledo route, the savings over the four months would be 500 euros, thanks to the 50% bonus on the monthly bonus that currently reaches 250 euros, they point out from Renfe.

And on the AV?

Between September 1 and December 31, new commercial passes will be created with conditions similar to the Avant, for high-speed routes on which there are no OSPs (no public service obligation indicated), where the journey time is less than 100 minutes. In other words, those corridors in which new companies are expected to operate in the near future or in which more than one railway company is already active.

These bonuses have a 50% bonus during their validity period. The routes to which the discounts are applied are Madrid-Palencia, Madrid-Zamora, León-Valladolid, Burgos-Madrid, León-Palencia, Burgos-Valladolid, Ourense-Zamora, Palencia-Valladolid, Huesca-Zaragoza, León-Segovia, Segovia – Zamora, Palencia-Segovia and Medina del Campo-Zamora.

Can it be used by multiple people to multiple destinations?

No. Subscriptions are individual and non-transferable. In addition, they only allow travel with the same origin and destination, in an effort to ensure that the money goes to users who only travel occasionally for leisure, they explain from the operator.

Source: La Verdad


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