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The good painter Ignacio López is another genius of regional art who has traveled through Murcia with his pregnant pictorial seed but few have discovered it

At one point in our conversation – a few days before his death – the good painter Ignacio López got up and went to a room in his house with his paintings on the floor… He took a still life and gave it to me, alone saying “For you”. And he dedicated it to me and signed it on the back.

In Ignacio’s Painting with a capital letter there is a heartbeat of bonhomie and welcome to the viewer. Pray in the portrait, in the still life or in the landscape. He has narrowed that line, but for himself. From the painting to him flows a whirlwind of dark fears, of imperceptible tears, of trance… Even in the will of the fortified clot there is not even a sense of origin, whether it comes through Seurat or Signac with pointillism or twist on a regional scale with Ballester itself. Well, it is nothing more than the sophistication of a character’s signature and personalization, more than in the fashion and complacency of his oases, in the fight against insult and frenzy of life.

Therefore, it is not the suggestion of the fulcrum of his aesthetic idea, but rather the way he works on the anvil of what is urged and thus seems to waste nothing of the lively substance that gathers around him. Ridge in which, with all the unconsciousness you will, settles its directness on the side of Regoyos and not of French Post-Impressionism.

Let’s insist on his insistence: the environment must be strengthened, to paradoxically make what’s inside less material; so as not to hide the uselessness of the reverberation.

It will have to be said for the penultimate time and very loudly: this other genius of regional painting has traveled through Murcia with its pregnant pictorial seed, but few have discovered it.

Source: La Verdad


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